Monday, September 28


view via observatory deck atop space needle.


5 layer chocolate cake. (best chocolate cake i've ever had)

time to eat!

"hot" colors.

oh salmon.. you, brown rice and raspberry vinaigrette make a DELICIOUS team!

available for storage in a box for up to 48 hrs, amazing.

floral arrangements that make my heart skip a beat.

@ the original starbucks.

SAM: sculpture garden

Seattle, you melt my —!
Hire me, and i’d relocate there in a heartbeat.

Just some of the reasons why I love this city:

Pike’s Place farmer's market,
huge Kinokuniya Bookstore,
taking the light sound train,
breezy cold air,
random people who say good morning,
& a plethora of desserts and other local good eats.


  1. omg.... i miss seattle so much. and your post just made me miss it more.... ugh. people were so nice... i'm really thinking about moving there in the future.

    i went to the kinokuniya bookstore too i think. and the uwajiyama market it's in is so prettyyyyy<3.

  2. aww thanks for stopping by my blog! and it does seem that we share the same interests!

    i'd be glad to exchange links with you!

  3. I don't really like chocolate but that box is really pretty!
    It almost makes me want to try the cake :)

  4. Oh gosh I love Seattle too :)) my uncle's family lives there and whenever I go over to visit i always feel like living and working there for some time in the future...

    I love the photos!! :DD Pike's market is such fun and the novelty of stepping into THE original Starbucks never wears off eh!

    Where did you get the 5 layer choc cake?? XDD sounds heavenly...