Monday, January 11

Spring Time in January + Bow Tie Giveaway

Only in California does it hit 77 degrees in the beginning of January, and I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

Forever 21 shirt, sweater vest, jeans, shoes, Zara bag

I realize that as a Los Angeles native, I really don't appreciate the history and scenic views of the city enough. I've visited downtown plenty of times, only to eat in Little Tokyo and neglecting all the scenic views the area has to offer. Two weekends ago,  I walked a couple of blocks in a different direction and discovered buildings with such intricate details. The newly built LAPD building and The Broad Center are really truly amazing. You can really see the creativity and art that was incorporated into its construction.

I will be doing a giveaway to celebrate the new year, and who doesn't love free stuff right?  I will try to do one least every 2 months, so please subscribe to my blog.  This time, I am giving away 2 sets of handmade bow ties. The set will include one with an iron print, and one with a geometric pattern.  You can choose from either a hair pin, a hair tie, or tiny ball chain. If you are selected as a winner, I will contact you on what your preference is.

This giveaway is open to all US+ international residents and ends January 17, 2010. To enter please leave a comment including your name, and email. thanks for reading, and good luck


  1. Aww poo I'm a Canadian :( Anyway, your blog has such a clean feel to it.. I love it <3 You take the best photos as well! Best luck to all contestants, I'll be keeping my eye out on your blog xo!

  2. Thank you so much!!! Gosh you're way too kind.. :) But to answer your question, that is my natural lip colour! It usually varies from that to a really nude colour. I guess I'm lucky since I don't really need lipstick for the nude lip trend, but I STILL USE IT ANYWAY, well when I remember.

    Those rings are the beeeeeeeeest, such a great deal! You know what I just noticed? THAT YOU HAVE A CLOCK, errr WATCH hanging from your neck!! I loooove it! Where did you find that? I've been hunting around for one! <3

  3. love your sophisticated boho look, soo cute! and wow, those bow necklaces are peeerfect, reminds me of hello kitty ;)

  4. #1. LOVE the little bows. They're so sweet and are just full of personality.

    #2. Your pocketwatch necklace is a total treasure, whereever did you find it?

    #3. Your photos are just stunnning. California seems lovely at this time if year.

    Beautiful post!

    La Société de Mode| The Fashion Society

  5. ditsy floral pattern is so huge in spring - i love love your version.

    oh! the photo of water is breathtaking, xx

  6. wow LA looks gorgeous! so jealous of your warm weather all year round :( and i love that necklace with the watch pendant!

  7. Og sign me up! I love a good bow to complete any outfit!
    I also really like that floral shirt you're wearing! I need more florals in my life.

  8. sure we can exchnge links...
    i really like your header

  9. they're very cuteee
    name: june


  10. Fabulous look.
    i love your shirt and the place.

  11. your floral blouse is so cute! :)

  12. oh wowww... haha i love that floral blouse of yours!! :D you've totally added so many new features to your blog!! is it part of a 2010 change thing? lovely lovely photos!!

    thanks for your comment!! i actually went to korea on a tour group. pretty impossible to go free and easy i now realize cos of the incredibly language barrier.

    omgg I have a necklace just like that that I posted a photo of!!