Monday, January 24

you've really got a hold on me.

sf  january 2011

four barrel coffee

sfmta + bart, so convenient  

little star pizza (the best pizza i ever had btw)

the grove 

asian american museum

bi-rite creamery

macarons in marina 

ike's place

new people ϟ japan town



  1. your photographs always fill me with happiness. they're so beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful images. The one of the roses is so sweet.

  3. Happy to see you blogging Christine:) These photos are amazing! Wish I had a wine cellar like that last photo!
    :) Anna


  4. You've been a busy bee this month :D! So happy to see that you've managed to get away from work and such :):):) Once again, too many pretty photos to just choose one favourite :D! You've got me craving macaroons *drools*!

    Ngaw, I didn't get that job :( I stopped by that chemist today to do a "follow up" but they said they've already filled the vacant positions. Oh well, I'll look elsewhere ... probably in the CBD, closer to Uni :)!

    Btw, it's Australia day tomorrow (26th of January) :D !!

  5. Ah, LOVE the photographs. Especially because so many of those spots are haunts for me. And it looks like you had a lovely trip.

  6. your photographs are AMAZING! you sure know the best places to eat and shoot. i found the sign "men working in trees" quite amusing

    btw i'm a first year uni student now. it seems so daunting ahhh

  7. your photographs are so pretty/amazing! i'd love to go to that creamery and the asian american museum. :)

  8. Why is it I've lived in SF all my life and never tried any of these awesome places listed in your pictures?! Your photos make them look SO GOOD :) Must add Little Star Pizza and La Boulange to my list to places to go!

  9. Oh my goodness. I could really go for that tomato & mozzarella right now!!! :)

  10. These are gorgeous pictures! The food looks particularly good, especially the ice cream.

  11. Oh how I have missed looking at your amazing photographs<3

    i missed you :(
    but seriously. your photos always inspires me, love.

  13. Your photos are amazing!
    I'm good, how are you Christine? I miss LA and the warm weather, but life is good.

  14. As usual, your pictures capture my heart. Thanks for checking in with me!! Missed you so much. Write me when you have the time ;]

  15. I must, must try those restaurants! I remember when you recommended some of them back during the summer, but I never got to any of them :( Boo. I have to go back now! ;)

    BTW, I'm actually back in OC! So we're (sorta) neighbors for good now! Let's definitely get together soon!

  16. hey there christine!! and a happy new year to you too! i'm doing just fine, basically the same. how about you?

    these photos are really good. all the food pictures are seriously making me hungry. hope you're doing well!!

  17. You always have great photos and get to eat the greatest looking food! Ah so jealous hehe

    Thanks for the advice about stretching my shoes! I haven't tried it out yet, but I def. will! :D

    Hope you're doing well christine!

  18. Christine! Thanks so much for your sweet comment :)
    It means a lot especially coming from you! You're such an amazing photographer and I get a lot of my camera-building-skill motivation comes from your blog.

  19. I bought the Canon Rebel T1i btw :)
    Do you use any special program to edit your photos? I love the lighting in them!

  20. Oh nvm, I see that you use Photoshop :P

  21. oh i've missed your posts!

    i'm doing well, how are you?

  22. such amazing photos!
    Do you want to follow eachother? ;)

  23. gorgeous photos! what kind of camera do you use?
    SF is one of my fave cities. xo

  24. Yay Christine! You are back! :D I'm so jealous you're at SF right now!

    Omg, the food looks so good! Please save some for me!

    Let me know when you want to hang out again~! :D

  25. Oh darling! I am so glad to see you back and blogging...I do hope you keep it up:)

    Why do you tempt me so with these delicious food photos?! It looks heavenly. That pizza, the sub, those macarons...yum-o!

    Thanks for the wonderfully sweet comment, I do hope we can continue to be "blog buddies" haha:)


  26. wow crazy awesome pictures.
    miam miam miam

  27. I want your macarons! That must be delicious, dear. Anyway, Christie, may I ask you something? What type of camera are u used?

  28. thanks for your lovely comment.
    ps: You take such gorgeous photos!

  29. christine! how are you?

    have a happy Chinese new year !! best wishes for you and your family to enjoy a prosperous year of happiness, health and wealth! :)

  30. hey love. so happy to hear from u. its been a while for me too. i hope things are going well. your photos of the food are causing my mouth to salivate. its so hard to stay away from 'comfort foods' this time of year. but if i lived where you did i wouldnt have to worry about all the horrible side effects of cold weather =(

    happy new years to you too christine. i hope this yr brings you many blessings oxo

  31. i missed seeing your amazing photos:D!! gorgeous:)

  32. yum :) you have great pics :) i following you :) you want to follow each other? :)

  33. happy valentine's day, christine <3
    I hope you had a wonderful lunar new year (haha, I'm a few weeks late there :P)!