Thursday, March 10

mobile uploads.
inspired by the oh so amazing & artistic i art you & the notebook doodles

1. weezer pinkerton tour
2. strawberry+chocolate waffle • four leaf
3. boba almond milk tea • four leaf
4. coffee grinder on ball jar • (wanted!) via intellgentsia
5. breakfast • the kitchen
6. grand opening day at santa monica place
7. fourth and main • downtown art walk
8. taro snowy ice+red bean+matcha ice cream • le arbre


  1. I feel like I just went on 8 field trips with you. So many places and so much food. This is such a fun blog post. =] Glad you're still randomly popping in on blogger and blogging. Loves!! Your posts are always so inspirational and artistic.

    <3 s.

  2. Yum, waffles :D!

    I want an iPhone now ...

  3. looks like great places to be and yummi food...anything better than that? :D

  4. ehehe is this taken using instagram? and why does the food you always eat looks so yummy? :)

  5. Hey, I went to the downtown art walk! Last month, though. How was it at night? I went during the day, and it didn't feel like an art walk at all...

  6. aaaaw :) waffles looks soooooooo good!

  7. I saw Weezer live last summer. The lead singer is so funny :P
    Great pics!

  8. you are the sweetest! thank you for linking me! i could totally go for some boba right now. either that or that amazing concoction of deliciousness from le arbre! i need to make a trip to the city soon!

    have a good weekend christine!

  9. heys lovey! *tummy grumbles* oh my those are really delicious shots.


  10. Looks like so much fun! I am loving looking at the blogs you shared.

    I want that breakfast with the avocado! Yum! I love avocado♥ The grand opening at Santa Monica looks like it was a beautiful day out! I love the sunshine.

    Happy Sunday!


  11. Christine!! :) i love these photos!! and omgosh i wanna go LA so bad... maybe next year?? those waffles look yummmmy...

    hope you've been well!!