Friday, February 12

♥, je t'aime !

After School- Because of You

I hope that everyone will enjoy a beautiful happy weekend! <3 With that, I leave you with a collection of hearts that I adore from flickr.

1. Lens Heart, 2. Pretty Pink Satin Hearts Ribbon, 3. Loving Cup with red squiggle heart, 4. A forest of pink hearts, 5. Old treasures, 6. Dear Lizzy , 7. Making Valentines, 8. i will..., 9. 32/365, 10. you can't look at a cupcake without smiling, 11. , 12. Just Waiting for You, 13. in my heart of hearts , 14. i love breakfast, 15. Sugar Hearts, 16. Looking for love, 17. Untitled, 18. where's the love?


  1. Aww, these avatars are too cute and pretty :)

  2. thats a cute college!

  3. Oh wow how cute are these heart photos! have a happy valentines weekend my dear!


  4. so so cute...i'm a fan of hearts! :)

  5. fab collage :) happy belate vday to you as well!

  6. hey girl, sorry for the late response. life is feeling just a little too unorganized and crazy, ha. these are super cute photos !

    xx lue