Monday, February 8

Giveaway Winners

Electric President - Insomnia
[I've decided to head each post with a song, because music is just as important as clothes, shopping and love... enjoy!]

Congratulations to the beautiful ladies (chosen at random via behind The F Word Online, I Hear Noises and Roll Up Your Sleeve! You three have won my Valentine's Day giveaway. I will be contacting you via email to confirm your shipping information. Thank you to everyone who participated and left me such thoughtful comments. I always enjoy reading them and visiting all your blogs.

I have purchased some pretty fabrics to prepare for S/S giveaways! I also have plans of launching an Etsy store in the near future consisting of necklaces, rings, hair ties/clips and pins. Would any of you consider purchasing some bow accessories? I would love to read whatever feedback you have.

Wet Seal/Zara


Pink shirts for springtime picnics, and a straw fedora for summers on the beach.

Love is in the air! Do you all feel it? Haha :)



  1. oh congrats to the winners! I still wish i had one though. haha. maybe next time. dear, with your talent, you so would rock at etsy! go for it!


  2. Congratulations to the winners! ♥ though I really really wanted to win.. haha XD

    and you with an etsy shop would definitely succeed! :)

    BTW I don't know if I told you but you've been linked.. ever since I found your site! haha!

    yes let's eat delicious food upon meeting up in LA.. whenever I go to LA (probably in the next.. three months? haha! I'm in SD most of the time) .. I don't like shopping much though, but delicious food is enough for me XD

  3. Congrats to the winners and I'm one of them too! Yayyy Thanks so much again!

    I can't wait to see you etsy store up too:)

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  5. haha! I visit LA occasionally, I just need to actually allot time to hang out with people ♥
    mm, dumplings!

    but it would be awesome if you came here too! :D not as much good East Asian cuisine (I'm really picky though) but there are a few good places that we could go to ;)

    (hehe, I meant.. I thought we were going to link exchange? XD;;.. it's cool if you don't want to though!)

  6. yay congrats to the winners! i can't wait for you to open up your etsy store, you'd definitely get a ton of buyers :)
    you took such lovely pictures of those shirts and that f21 hat. i'm loving the floral print. oh spring! where art thou...
    and YES i did have my pasta finally! pasta has never been so delicious :P

  7. i LOVE that hat! i've been on the lookout for one to wear to coachella...that may be the perfect one!

  8. WGHIUOWEOIEWHGOIWHEIOG. THAT HAT IS AMAZING. I'm sorry I haven't checked out your blog in awhile... I've been dying thanks to school. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE IN STORE. P.S.- I used your hair tie excessively these past weeks ;) xo

  9. Yay for spring!
    I especially like the floral top!
    Thanks for the comment! Follow if you want:)
    xx, Hayley

  10. congrats for the winner!
    cute fedora! i wish i have one
    i've linked you ;) anyway
    i didn't take that's picture..

  11. lucky them much!!!

  12. love the fedora; and your creations are so cute and unique, i think they'd sell well

  13. beautiful photos!
    congrats to the winners :)

  14. Indeed. Without music, we are nothing.

    Congratulations to the winners! Lucky lucky!

    And I think bows are a great idea. I love incorporating bows into my daily outfit. Adds that extra feminine pow to any dag I put on.

  15. Cute hat!;))

    xoxo M.

  16. Oooh, I want to go to the LA food fair! Maybe I could convince someone to take me, haha. Congrats to the winners!
    I would purchase some things from your Etsy shop but sadly I'm trying to stay away from spending a lot of money :/ Good luck, though!