Monday, February 1

Valentine's Day Giveaway

To celebrate the love that I have for all my wonderful readers, I am giving away 1 pin to 3 readers. If you are selected as a winner, you may choose from one of the pins shown in the picture. I constructed each pin by hand onto a safety pin with lace and whatever else I could get my hands on from my mom's massive supply of embellishments.

The giveaway will end Sunday, February 7, 2010 and is open to all US and international residents. To enter, just leave a comment with your name, email, and which pin you like best. If the selected winner is following my blog, I will throw in a surprise along with your pin, so please subscribe! =)

I hope you are as excited for this as I am!

Okay, now on with the post:

F21 top/cardigan, Martin+Osa jeans, Jessica Simpson pumps

This Saturday I had lunch at ChoSun Galbee. I love their outdoor breezy dining area, grilling beef while listening to birds chip. I consume Korean BBQ almost weekly, and as if I didn't shove enough calories down my throat, I had some dessert at Amy's Pastry after. Life would just be meaningless without great food- and shopping. Agreed?


  1. SUI. northyrn at gmail dot com. I LIKE THE MIDDLE PIN BEST! YAYYY giveaway!

    Is that a red velvet cupcake?

    MM, LOOKS SO GOOD. *___* Kalbiii... ahhh.. delicious, but expensive.

    And of course you're beautiful. :)

    Ahaha, we should hang out when I'm in LA sometime. :P I spend most of the year in SoCal and visit LA once in a while. Seems like a lot of bloggers (fashion-related, esp.) are in LA <_<

  2. The pins are all adorable! But I'd have to admit, the first pin had myattention first. Here's my email:

    I had Korean food all this weekend and what can I say? Never fails to satisfy my hunger! Haha. And cupcakes! There's a cupcake store where I live, and they have such cute ones and they're really delicious. I wish I could have cupcakes for breakfast today.

    But yes, life would be meaningless without a lot of things, including great food and shopping. For sure. ♥

  3. i adore this giveaway, you did such a great job with those pins! my favorite is definitely the first one :) my email is i'm crossing my fingers! oh, and i'm a follower.

    you look gorgeous in that lace top with the ruffles on the side btw. i love that you belted it, i would've never thought of doing that. and that cupcake looks delicious. it's making me hungry :P

  4. stubbled on your blog. Thought i'd say hello. cute pins!

  5. Ngaw, your pins are cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute as!

  6. Thanks dear for the heads up! I like them all, but I've to say I'd love to get that first one! and you know im a loyal follower, right? :)

    If I win, can you throw in one of those muffins? haha!


  7. thank you for your sweet comment :)

    those pins are adorable, you've got quite the talent there. and yum, red velvet cupcake

  8. Mmhmm definitely agree! It's not always good for us, but life is nothing without doing the sings we love.

    Korean BBQ's expensive here in Sydney, so I only get to eat it about once every 2 months or something XD I'd definitely eat it every other day if I had the cash though

  9. Thanks so much for the lovely comment girl!!

    I do love your blog so much so of course I'm following you back as well:)

    Gorgeous lace top you wore and those pumps are such a beautiful color. those food photos are surely making me hungry now,and is that a red velvet cupcake?? My fave!

    Awesome giveaway! I really adore the 1st pin on the left with the chains and that heart charm:)

  10. wah i adore the 1st pin on the left took so stunning~ and love ur outfit too:) u look fierce :)
    have a nice day =p~
    yudia aiiu

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. Those pins are lovely. And the cupcakes total weakness.

  12. haha the first thing i'm going to eat would be a huge slice of pizza and a GIANT plate full of spaghetti.

  13. to be fair i won't enter the giveaway, but i did blog about it! I'm wearing the bow I won from your last giveaway and wanted to give you a little shout out. So...maybe expect a little more entries to come your way!!!
    Those pins are beautiful.

  14. such cute pins! the first is definitely my favorite.

    your korean bbq pics are making me huuungry! good thing it's almost lunchtime. :)

    lisa.ann.hill at gmail dot com

  15. These pins are adorable! I loooove the first black one. That lunch looks like heaven!!!


  16. I found you through Idee Geniale, and I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm a new follower!
    You did a great job with these pins -- I seriously like the middle one. So pretty!
    Love your outfit!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  17. I love the last pin, the little pearl is so cute!

    I follow you on google reader!

  18. very cute! i love the first pin - the little heart is very velentine's-appropriate :)
    i'm following your blog on google reader - love the food photos, i think i need to find some lunch!
    -katy (cognitivedissident-at-hotmail-dot-com)

  19. you just reminded me I need to take a lunch break... grumble grumble....

    xo faris

  20. i came over here thanks to idee_geniale
    and i adore your outfit!

    the first pin is adorable with the heart! but the all white one looks so classic!

    have a good day : )

  21. I think they are all so cute but the first is my favorite! I am loving your site! there is a little bit of everything on here!

    becky vv

  22. i love the first pin! :D

    i love red velvet cupcakes!!! :D


  23. The first pin caught my attention and is my favorite. They are all adorzable though! Such a cute blog. xo

  24. ouu love the lacey top. and the food looks SO good. im starving right now as i type this.. im definitely going to get up and get something to eat now

    xx lue

  25. OOO these pins are super cute. I'd love to win the left one with the heart pendant.Here's my email, and I subscribed too!

    PS. LOVE that lace top. I actually tried it on at F21 but decided against it for myself. But you styled it wonderfully!

    PSS. LOVE korean BBQ. omg you are making me so hungry just looking at your pics.

    PSSSSS. sorry for such a long post!! :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  26. iris.

    my fave pin has to be the first one

  27. this is such a great/nice idea! i love the 1st one (but they are all insanely cute)


  28. Ooo. That first one is lovely! Nice blog you have, too!

  29. Beautiful pins, beautiful blog!
    I am partial to the first pin with the black bow, but all 3 are wonderful.

  30. Beautiful pins! Love them all!

    If i win email me at!


  31. ahh i LOVE bows!!!!!! <3 i love all three, but the white one the best :) i wish i were as crafty as you!

    jasmine (

  32. oh wow all 3 of them are gorgeous! but i love the left one best :)

    p.s: totally following your lovely blog too!

  33. Just found your blog through Idee Geniale's post :)
    I love the first pin a lot, a lot and my e-mail is
    Crossin' my fingers!

  34. Love the outfit! ans is that korean food?

    xoxo jenna

    check me out sometimes:

  35. i love all of the pins, but the second one catches my attention. Love the little flowers, you did a great job!

    ps. lunch looks heavenly.

  36. Way to rock f21! Not everyone can:)
    xx, Hayley

    if ya want:

  37. What lovely pins & what a great idea to make them and give them away!
    I love the 1st one - love the black & beige together and the heart dangle. I would LOVE to win it! =)

  38. Love your lacy top with the ruffles. You are totally rocking that look. Ooh and that cake looks yummy times.

    I have to admit those pins are beautiful, the left one is definitely my fave with the heart pendant! beautiful giveaway. :)

    - Anna Jane xxx

  39. adorable pins :) sign me up for the giveaway hehe and omg korean bbq AND a red velvet cupcake? so perfect...

  40. oh! Love those little pins! The FIRST one is my favorite!

    Love your blog, very inspiring, and oh! so yummy pictures! :D

    Basselope at gmx dot de

  41. these pics of korean bbq are too tempting. love the lace too

  42. your outfit is adorable.. that food looks so yum!

  43. what a splendid valentines day giveaway. it would really make my day if i got to wear one of these ever so beautiful pins, they all are just so glorious. my favourite is the one in the middle, because the delicate lace and floral accents to me are pure love.


  44. Is that a red velvet cupcake? It looks so yummy. I love your lace top!

  45. Oh, & I have never been to the Rose Bowl flea market! I've heard of it & always wanted to go though. How is it?

  46. Yumm, kim chi! I love your blog, are you a soompier as well? I think we have the same last names lol.

    My favourite pin is the left most one, cute :) My name is An Ngo and my email is


  47. i love the first pin the best its so gorgeous!

  48. i love the lace! It's so pretty. :) and the food looks delisssh!!! I'm drooling! haha! Have a good weekend!


  49. you are pretty popular. long time no talk!
    middle pin!


  50. I just found your blog via Idee Geniale and I love it, I am going to follow you. I love your outfit.

    and for the give away, my name is Chloe,, I think I like the 3rd one the best, although there all pretty cute.

  51. darn im too late :(
    they are lovely tho :)

  52. Gorgeous pins!
    Your photos look YUM - your lunch sounds amazing!
    Loving the outfit, can't wait to read moreeee :)