Wednesday, April 7

How did I get myself so lost, I don't know but I won't be leaving tonight.

Today I took advantage of some of the daylight left when I got home and took some photos outside. I love the spring breeze, the air feels so relaxing.

So many cravings right now, and the strongest one being: weekend.

Like electric beats? Listen to: Simian Mobile Disco - Pinball.
Shazaam is my favorite application!



  1. beautiful photos ♥

    weekend of the 24th... I am planning to head over! I want to take a photoshoot of you <3 and then we can go fooding too! :D

  2. Omg, shazaam ftw!
    Interesting song btw, never heard this type of music. :O

  3. Great photos!! You're quite talented. I wish I owned a better camera (my point and shoot makes me sad). I've learn the "basics" of shooting in manual mode on a dslr, and hope to be an owner of one soon!!

    Hope you had a great Easter weekend Christine! :) HUGS.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. You can take beautiful pictures!

  5. These are beautiful pictures.

  6. nice pitures..
    are you taken all pictures by yourself?
    very cute :)

  7. I love flowers. I need to buy some to brighten my room!

  8. I can't wait for the weekend too! These pictures are beautiful :) I love the colors!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  9. i love these photos :) you're so talented, darling.
    mm we had a beautiful weekend of sunny weather, and now it's gone back to rain :( bummer. also can't wait for this weekend, but then again, it's going to be filled with studying til the end of the month!
    craving for summmmer <3

  10. Memorial weekend is so far away!!.. well kind of. I'm not sure if I have plans yet. I actually might. =/ EH! Either way if I'm free we can figure something out. Oh and thanks for the compliments. =]

    I really like these photos. Very artistic like all your others. <3s <3s <3s.
    I never thought about using a tripod to take pictures of myself. {*HAHA} Shows you how much a newbie I am. I've been asking my mom and little brother to help me out. [yeah yeah yeah... I feel like a loser. Oh well]

    The weekend is just around the corner! No worries. =P

    <3 Serena.

  11. gorgeous pictures! and unfortunately no, i'll be around the san jose, san francisco area

  12. hi there!
    love your photos on flickr <3

  13. so beautiful... i love the flowers - the first shot especially.

  14. Lovely pictures! I wish the weekend would come faster too!

    In regards to your question, I usually get my movies either from the library or I find them on Youtube. Hope that helps!

  15. Nice pics! Thanks for the comment!!:)

  16. great music choices! you obviously have great taste!

  17. OH My Gooood! I really loved your blog, so cute, it was really nice talking to you at On the Lamb demo, Thanks for the restaurant tips, and looks like you have much more to show me about LA. :-D