Friday, April 9

Just walking on a dream.

I spent an evening doing the Art Walk in Downtown. Tonight was not like any other. I felt so free by the livelihood of the city. It was like my soul and heart collided and produced fireworks. I was so inspired by the creativity of not only the pieces in the galleries but by the preserved architecture, the street art, and the strong sense of style from everyone around me. There's just something about LA culture that really fascinates me. Downtown, Hollywood or Silverlake, just to name a few, each exude such a different vibe. Although I have considered locating out of California many times, I have to admit that deep down I know I can never leave. I love and appreciate living in one of the most interesting cities in the world too much.

So there's my rant for the night. I am so disappointed that I forgot to charge my battery so I just left my camera at home. I definitely won't make the same mistake next month. I also tried 3 food trucks tonight, Dim Sum, Grilled Cheese, and Fry Smith! I could have not asked for a better night.

I got home high off inspiration. I ignored all my obligations and took some photos:

Before I leave, I want to thank everyone who participated in my last giveaway. All of the suggested songs will be uploaded to my mp3 player. =) I have not chosen a winner yet, but promise to do so before the weekend is over. I also hope to resume more fashion related photos.
TGIF. Carpe Diem dears!



  1. I totally agree!
    I can never leave California. I definitely miss the livelihood of LA. The people, the culture, the food... Oh how I miss the food! It's amazing! I think every part of California has it's own little culture. But I probably would chose LA over SF... Only thing that brings me back up north is family and because it's home. I grew up here and a part of my heart has always been here.

    Gotta love California. <3

    High off life and inspiration is the way to go.

    <3 Serena.

  2. Christine, sounds like you had a great evening. We have a little something called "Friday night is Art night in Lahaina". :) There are lots of art galleries in town and sometimes local artist go to the galleries and you can mingle with them and enjoy apps and free drinks. :) You're inspired me to possibly check that out tomorrow!

    I'm interested, what places where you possibly thinking of moving to!? I've always and still wish to one day move away from Maui (I've lived here ever since we moved here when I was 3, over 20 years ago!) for a season or brief moment of my life... top on my list were San Fran, Portland, and Seattle. Maybe the dream will come true one day. :)

    Hope you are well sweetie.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Sounds really nice, it sounds like my type of atmosphere. Love the photos too.

  4. ah i love this post! so beautiful! :)

    xo tiffany

  5. you are an excellent photographer, i find your pictures so inspiring! :)

  6. I love it when inspiration hits and all you want to do is create and take photos, which are beautiful by the way. The sun is out today here and I want to surround myself with inspiration.

  7. wow you make such beautiful pictures!

  8. very pretty photos; I love the (Photoshop?) effect in the first photos especially.
    melina bee

  9. Christine, you are beautiful and so is this post. Maybe we can try out a food truck when we hang out!

    I love being inspired ♥

    I love the weather here, but I don't know if I'd live in SoCal long. Then again, I haven't lived in LA.. I'd probably try that for a bit and then go somewhere else. I do have a certain fondness for California though.

  10. Wauw your blog is very inspiring I love the lay out and pictures. Keep posting!


  11. That sounds like a lovely evening. I hate when I forget my camera for events like this, but somehow I think it makes me remember them better. Without snapping photos, I definitely make better mental pictures.

  12. What fun, it's too bad you forgot your camera! I always freak out when I don't have it because I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on something big. Like meeting a celebrity or something.

  13. What a wonderful day you had. I love the photographs - they look swell indeed! Yes do download all of those nifty songs! heheh can't wait for your giveaway! *fingers crossed!*


  14. i've always wanted to to an artwalk, no one to ever do it with!
    i love the way you put the border on your photos. so cute!

  15. I love the second picture. Looks very cute. Anyway, I have blog award to you. Check it out on my blog!

  16. your photography is amazing, dear :)
    sounds like a beautiful day - i'd love to visit LA sometime.

  17. Hi Christine,

    I love reading your thoughts. You are very well spoken and just reading this entry made me want to go back to LA. It is definitely a city full of stimulation and rich in culture. I love those kind of days...the one that you described that make you feel inspired. Lovely photos too. Love the pink tones. Pink always makes things better =P Well, in my world anyway.


  18. such stunning inspiring are amazing! seriously this is just inasne talent!!!
    wow... and also you went on an artwalk? sounds amazing

  19. Hey C,

    oh I can just imagine that evening, sounds so wonderful!

    I got your email! omgosh I'm so thankful it arrived to you and didn't get lost! Oh wowee, how lovely you love everything! :D I'm really happy for you and I want to know if you tried the magic hand towel? does it work? hehe Im so glad we did a swap together, I will never forget this darl! HURRAH!!

    - Michelle
    LÉS Mm

  20. I love your photos, they are beautiful. The colors are so soft and pretty.

  21. Sweet little photos! I love the dried flowers in a jar and the soft colors.

  22. your photography is amazing, i love how all the colors just blend :D

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  24. oops, wanted to delete my comment so I could repost with an addition but I guess blogspot won't let me hide my mistakes discretely, haha.

    nice blog! just got here from a comment you left at my blog. (thanks, btw!) may I ask where you got that mason jar with the handle? I saw someone with one in class once and I loved the rustic feel of it. I'm terrible at checking up on comments I've left at blogs so if you wouldn't mind emailing me I would really appreciate it! my email is thisisclaudia at :) have a nice day!