Thursday, April 22

It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it could've been right, it could be wrong to let our heart ignite

I AM GOING TO SEE MUSE AND PASSION PIT IN SEPTEMBER! It will be my first time attending their concert, has anyone seen them live (any lucky Cochella go-ers)? I assume they will be amazing.

I added a third column to make space for new features I am planning. I also created a formspring account just for fun. If anyone has questions regarding photography, crafts, photoshop, places to eat in LA(!) and etc. feel free to address them via the formspring box on the right. =)

LA weather is not happy this week.
As excited as I was for bright hues and pretty florals, I could not help but to be reminded of how I am still a lover for shades of black and grey. Holding on to what's left of dark skies and cold crisp air, I was influenced to create a monotone theme for the photos I shot today:

lace & sequenced top: F21

HAPPY FRIDAY! We made it, the weekend is just around the corner. :)



  1. you're so pretty, seriously. ♥

    and awesome! :] I heard about that concert.. Metric too! <3 but it'd probably be too pricey for me haha.


  2. loving the new lay out hun! :D

    how are you babes.
    hope your all good and lovely and yay :)
    the weather here is icky too!
    getting colddddd!!!
    hope your weather gets better!

    much love babe,


  3. Happy Friday indeed! Time flies by so fast!
    It felt like it was only Monday yesterday. {*yikes}
    So sad I wasn't able to go to Cochella; the tickets were just too expensive for my friends and I. {*BLEH} but a whole bunch of us wanted to go. Maybe next time? But I don't know if I'll still want to go next year.
    Lovely outfits and I love all of your makeup products. I've used most of those items. LOVE BareMinerals and NARS blushes.

    <3 Serena.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I've seen Muse before but not Passion Pit. BUT I'll hopefully be seeing Passion Pit in July (yay). I'm not the biggest Muse fan, but their show is pretty amazing. You'll have the best time!

  5. Oh what fun! That sounds exciting :) I love your lace top!

  6. happy friday christine! thanks for your comment :) lucky you, I missed Muse when they were in Vancouver. Not sure if Passion Pit will be coming here but I love their music too. the new blog layout looks great! and I love what you've done with your photos using floral "scotch tape". and you're too kind, I think you meant I look sexy pretty like YOU hahaha, c'mon, you know I'm right :P

  7. Lovely photos, the orchids are especially stunning

  8. I love the lace and sequined top, it looks beautiful.

  9. Love that lace top!

    Did you also enter my giveaway, sweetheart?

  10. I saw Passion Pit last summer, and they were amazing!! I love them!

  11. Have fun at the concert.
    The lace top is gorgeous, and those flowers are beautiful.


  12. Your pictures are so amazing I swear I could look at them for hours. Honestly I'm envious of your talent.
    No matter what season I will always love black.

  13. without a job, everyday is the weekend!
    ....i need a job....

  14. Have a wonderful time at the concert!! They are should be a good time!

    Lovely photos!!

  15. Oh I do quite like Muse, I havn't seen them live, but I have heard their live songs and they sound amazing :).

  16. LOVE muse. I am also a huge fan of your new layout.

  17. You looks pretty in first picture.
    I never watch their concert. But, I know it must be fun.

  18. Your photos are amazing, do you edit them? Also love the lace tape detail so cool :)
    vicki xo

  19. PASSION PIT! you lucky girl! i love them, but all their concerts are ALWAYS sold out!

  20. mm you make all things beautiful :)
    love the shot with the sephora goodies.
    i'm almost done exams! and the weather has been quite lovely this week.
    can't wait for the new features - whatever you have planned :)

  21. Muse!! Lucky you!
    great photos.

  22. You are so lucky to be seeing Muse! They were here early April but I didn't get a chance to see them :(

    I adore your photographs! They're so pretty!

    & I'm hoping one day I'll get the guts to make a YouTube video too! :P Thanks for your support! <3

  23. I'm seeing muse this summer at Frequency festival :) i hope they'll be good. and you take really lovely photos :)


  24. OMG, Muse? Have fun! Those photos are amazing as usual. I love that orchid shot a lot!

  25. great photography! :)

    Christine xx

  26. eeeks. i love your blog, its so neat and organized, and crisp and gorgeous.

    haha ! you eat korean bbq almost every week? thats sooo coool. i wish i could do that, but its actually quite far from me.


  27. Haven't seen Muse live but I heard they are great! More than great really.
    I'm going to see Passion Pit twice this summer :)
    I'm not a hardcore fan but their music is freakin awesome to dance to!

  28. oh how beautiful is your pictures, I've always wanted to know how you got those cute little sticky tapes you put on your pictures?

    OMG you lucky girl! Passion Pit?? eek, I wiggle in my chair with excitement for you, I truly wish they could come down under, I'd be there in the line with bells on my toes.

    & oop,! I love your third column, the more space gives you more wonderful things to put up.

    p.s thank you for you lovely comment C, I really am having a blast with Gilbert Dylan, I love your photos, wish I could be so pro like you one day :D


  29. i am dying to check out cochella... some of my friends went so i just had to live vicariously through their photos.

    jealous that you get to see passion pit!

  30. ugh i love your blog thanks for the comment hun,


  31. Your photos look amazing. Those little pieces of tape are so cute! And I wouldn't mind trading the black skies and cloudy/rainy weather here for your sunny skies. Midterms are already dreadful =/

  32. i loooove how you always have the prettiest posts! :DD all those collages/frames you make for each photo/post are so pretty!! does it take you a long time to come up with them???

    have you been doing stuff with photoshop (or whichever program you use) for a long time?? it just seems so challenging though the results are fantastic XD

    MUSE AND PASSION PIT!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! luckyyyyyyy youuuu!! Muse came to Singapore in Feb and i didn't go because it was on my bday haha and i had to celebrate with family but everyone who went sad it was like some kind of godly experience :D and passion pit...HELL YA!!!