Monday, April 19

Hold the wine, I know you're thirsty.

This weekend was just amazing. Kbbq, jumping in the air, cake, cupcake, macaron, goose, soju, laughing, LOVE♥.... This is life. My title is dedicated to a special reader, I know you're reading this :)

I leave you with some photos I took today:

dress: H&M

Thursday is earth day! Click here to read about simple ways to love our earth. 
*For the so many of you studying for midterms/finals, good luck!



  1. wow, your weekend does sound lovely (: I love the pictures sweeety!!

    - Michelle

  2. i'm happy you had such a good weekend!!
    aw you look BEAUTIFUL babe!! and i love all of these photos.

    xo tiffany

  3. i love your curls, so pretty! and these photos are gorgeous!

  4. <3 <3 <3 <3
    another celebration of how lucky we all are to have you here with us.

  5. I really love your photographs♥ You're gorgeous♥

  6. such beautiful photos ♥ can't wait to see you this weekend! :]

    and thanks for the plug, lovely. <3

  7. These photos are gorgeous! Your weekend summary sounds absolutely delightful :)

  8. Mmm Daisy but Marc Jabobs! I always love looking at your photos.

  9. i want a special title dedication! haha. youve been so m.i.a.

  10. I like this post... if you want visit my blog and bloglovin if you want follow me...

  11. i would eventually love to start up an etsy store:) but im not quite sure my clothes are good enough for it, etsy is so inspiring..and so are you, you are such a talented photographer! i adore your photos - so stunning and lovely
    have a great week

  12. I have to have some Marc Jacobs haha!
    The scent is like heaven
    and this is a very cute post!

  13. i just found your blog. all i can say is LOVE. itss dreamy and itss girly and itss got DOILE's i lalalalalove doiles. and not to mention yourrr absolutely STUNNERSS.


  14. KBBQ !!

    eeks. i love these photos. and i really like your dress : D


  15. I LOOOVE KBBQ. mmm. had some in LA last summer. best food of my life. really.

    be sure to check out my first giveaway ever over at my blog!


  16. Love what you wore sweetie. Thanks for your always so sweet comments. :)

    I am joining in for the mugging for mid terms. Ugh *scratch head, pull hair. Lucks!

  17. I'm glad you had an amazing weekend.
    I love your photos.


  18. I'm glad you had a great weekend.
    Your pictures are stunning.

  19. Cute photos! Thanks for your sweet comment! xo

  20. such cute pictures. and daisy smells the best, so sweet.

  21. hello love :)
    sounds like you had an amazing weekend! your hair looks really nice in that first photo, btw.
    and seriously, you take the most beautiful photos. i really really enjoy them!

  22. that sounds like a lovely weekend.

    you take some dreamy photos lady. i heart that marc jacobs... i've been wearing his original scent for years. it smells like gardenias.

  23. such beautiful photos! I'm so jealous of your talent.
    Especially the Daisy one. What camera/how do you edit your photos? They look so stunning! I want one as my wallpaper. ♥

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following! Much appreciated! I'm not quite sure how to follow your gorgeous blog though because I cannot find the button in top bar or sidebar :S I'll find a way though! ^^

  24. awww these pictures are so lovely and magical in their own way :)
    i can't wait for earth day!

  25. These photos are so beautiful, I love how you present all the photos on your blog, your so creative.

  26. So sweet and cute pics

    You're so beautiful, like the dress, btw!


  27. photographs are amazing and so magical! adore the scent of daisy as well...

  28. These photos are SO fab - loving the third one. What do you use to edit them?

  29. wow your blog is adorable, great photos!

  30. These are such awesome photos
    Your weekend sounds like a ton of fun!
    I love your blog, it really is adorable

  31. you weekend sounded great. you got me at the cake and cupcake part haha.

  32. Those are definitely traits of an amazing weekend.
    Spending time with people you care about and just living life to the fullest.
    That's how it should always be like.

    Oh how I miss Socal! {*LOL}
    Funny how you miss SF and I miss Socal. Are you originally from SF? [you can reply in my chatbox if you'd like] Or do/did you visit often?

    Your photos are always amazing. Love them all.

    <3 Serena.

  33. wow your blog is totally gorgeous (and so are you)! i love it! do you professionally take photos or is it just a hobby?

  34. wow your photos are amazing! so crisp & colourful <3

  35. haha love it. with kbbq in the picture, soju is never far away. (And thanks for the comment!)
    I love following your blog!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  36. I like the photos! The Daisy Marc Jacobs looks as though it were a real advertisement!

  37. I simply love the photos. You're amazing!

  38. Hi Christine,

    Of course its not too early to say the *L* word. hehe. you are too sweet!! How can one simply not be sincere when one hears someone else's genuine expressions as well.

    I cant help but adore the photos you take. They make me feel like daydreaming. hehe.

    I've never lived in LA before, but only visited. I am actually considering of making the move in a year or 2. I love cali. I love the sun, the beaches and the skirts and dresses I can wear there. From where im from (Calgary and a few yrs in Vancouver) it's mostly cold and our summers only last 3 months. 4 if we are lucky.

    I see that YOU live in LA. I am so envious! Were you born and raised there? Do you love living there?

    Thx for sharing your wishes with me. I think health is very important too! and saving the planet. thx for the linkie! =)

  39. Great photos and yayyy for kbbq!

    xo, Diana