Thursday, September 16

Have you been you MONTREAL? I need your help!

I'm going to visit Montreal for the first time in a few weeks. Any locals or past visitors happen to have any feedback on:

Where the best coffee is.
Where to buy ice wine.
Best shopping areas, flea markets?

I really want to visit Old Montreal and Habitat '67. Other then that, I haven't really done much research.
If anyone could recommend anything I would SO appreciate it!

Photos by: Jackie Rueda


  1. patisserie/boulangerie: premiere moisson
    best shopping: rue st catherine
    best coffee... uhh, lots of places!

    I didn't know what you meant by habitat 67 until I googled it.. I drove past there! old port is pretty cool, yeah. mont royal is pretty cool (even though it's geologically only a large hill)

    there's lots of good food, EVERYWHERE.

    and I don't think all canadians would know about montreal, fyi ;) it's very different from the rest of canada. each part is different after all)

  2. ah lucky u ! envious much! haha
    have a nice trip :D

  3. I've never been to montreal, but looks like you have a good idea of what to enjoy there! :] Hope you have a fabulous time... & take LOTS of pictures! :D

  4. I've always wanted to go there, so I'm excited to hear about your trip! Have a great time!

  5. Also have some smoked meat, bagels and poutine!!! <3

  6. oh wow, lucky you! sadly i have never been to montreal, let alone canada, but i have heard that poutine is excellent :)

  7. Montreal is the best city ever (that I've been to at least :P)
    I've only gone recently for concerts and stuff so there was no time for eating at nice places or finding the best macaroons unfortunately. I will tell you though that St.Catharine St. is honestly the best place to shop. The street itself is forever long and there's just about any store you can think of (minus Topshop and Primark that is). Old Montreal is a definite visit! If you like sushi, there's a little sushi place in Old Montreal (I saw it a few years ago so I hope its still there). Montreal sushi is suppose to kick ass! Also, I've heard of the restaurant in Montreal that is famous for serving its customers in the dark as the waiters are blind. Its called Onoir Restaurant and its on St.Catherine St W. I haven't been there but I think it'd be quite the experience!
    As for museums, I would recommend the biodome. Wandering around downtown Montreal, likewise with any other city, you'll definitely end up finding a little boutique or flea market somewhere. Sorry I couldn't help anymore! Have fun and take photos :)

  8. Montreal shopping = Sainte Catherine street (near McGill metro station). There's everything from Ogilvy to f21 (2 floors!). There are also really huge H&M (3 floors) and UO (2 floors). There are also many good restaurants on Sainte Catherine, one of my fave places is 3 amigos (amazing mexican food for under 15$, and their meals are HUGE; really nice cocktails that come in these big pretty glasses). And if you haven't been to O Noir... you should definitely check it out, as I heard Montreal is one of the only places they have it. It's basically a restaurant where it's completely dark. You eat in the dark. The waiters are blind. It's an amazing one of a kind experience! This is on Sainte Catherine as well.

    For pâtisseries, there's always Première moisson, which is pretty much everywhere downtown. There's this place called Broadway cheesecake near McGill that have the BEST cheesecakes in town and of course la Maison du macaron (near Mont-Royal metro station), yummmmmm! It's also at Mont-Royal that they have the best thrift stores.

    As for other lieux à visiter... Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has some really nice exhibitions going on, and you'll definitely finds lots of attractions at Old Montreal. They have nice little cafes there as well. It's the best place to chill. Other than that, you have the Biodome-Planetarium-Insectarium, if you're interested in nature and animals.

    I think that's it! If you need more info about whatsoever, just ask. :)


  9. Hello dollface,

    First of all, I've never been outside the country so have never been to Montreal--but would love to go--so I can't be of much help on suggesting places. But, I see your getting some good feedback so that makes me happy. :)

    How exciting about your trip there--I wish you luck in finding good spots to visit, darling.


  10. oh darling C, you are soooo lucky!!! I really wish I could go :( but you do have fun m'dear!

  11. shiznit, montreal is so lovely never personally been there but my friend just went for uni there and he said it's amaziiiiing and gorgeous! have fun :)